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  1. Name: Erkowit
  2. Type of vessel: merchant ship, general cargo
  3. Flag: Sudán
  4. Date of sinking: 31 October 1970
  5. Cause: ran aground, leak
  6. Location: Bastiagueiro, Oleiros
  7. Diving level: basic
  8. GALP territory: Gulf of Artabro


One victim during the recovery of its cargo

The day before her sinking, on 30 October 1970, she suffered a collision with the German vessel Dortmund off Cape Vilán (Camariñas). It was towed to A Coruña for repairs and, upon arrival, it was decided to beach it in the vicinity of Bastiagueiro (Oleiros) to prevent sinking as it was carrying a valuable general cargo consisting of automobiles, machinery, butter, flour, wood, potatoes, cosmetics, bronze, writing paper, chemical products, a printing press, razor blades, etc.

The Erkowit was partially scrapped by the Santa Cruz company and part of the cargo was recovered.

During the recovery of the toxic elements, the Spanish Navy’s second lieutenant, Antonio Guil, died.