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Emotional Routes

Atlantic Bastion Route

GALP Golfo Ártabro Sur

The coast of the Gulf of Ártabro, especially the estuary of A Coruña and Betanzos, tells us about part of its history through the shipwrecks recorded in these waters since ancient times. It also stands out due to its strategic location in the European Atlantic arc; due to its capricious and sometimes treacherous orography, or due to the numerous bastions built to protect it. Through this emotional route we carry out a tour of the vestiges, natural resources or memories linked to the shipwrecks of the Gulf of Ártabro to learn about the history of our sea from land. From the Aegean Sea accident, now a shipwreck that is very visited by local diving centres; to the once mournful Porto das Animas or reconstructing the map of the castles and batteries that defended the estuary of A Coruña and Sada under crossfire.


4. A Coruña Historical Archaeological Museum

St. Antón Castle (BIC)

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12. Views of the Gulf of Artabro

O Monticaño Forest Park

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