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Crosses in memory of shipwrecks


Crosses can be seen in several points of the cliffs of the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) commemorating sailors who died at sea. Several of them are in Ardeleiro (Malpica) and on the road to Cape Roncudo (Corme, Ponteceso).

The cross in Ardeleiro, next to the windmills of the same name and on the Ruta dos Muíños (mills Route), was placed in memory of the four victims from sinking of the fishing boat David (08/07/1899) in the Baldaio shallows. All of them, a father and his three children, belonged to the same family in Malpica.

Intangible heritage. The shipwreck of the David is one of the many that mark the maritime and seafaring history of the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death). Stories of deaths and tragic lives that give shape to an intangible heritage of great value as is our historical memory, which has been documented in documentation meetings with older neighbours and in several editorial publications. Protection for Birds (ZEPA). It’s a great visit!