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  1. Name: Tunstall
  2. Type of vessel: merchant ship
  3. Flag: United Kingdom
  4. Date of sinking: 18 August 1885
  5. Cause: grounding, fog
  6. Location: Baldaio shallows (Carballo)
  7. Diving level: basic
  8. GALP territory: Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)


Twenty miles to A Coruña in the lifeboats

The English steamer Tunstall ran aground at 2:00 a.m. on 18 August 1885 due to fog and an error in its location. The crew, consisting of 35 people, reached safety in the lifeboats, in which they arrived in A Coruña.

It was a newly built vessel making its maiden voyage between London and China with 4,000 tons of general cargo including beams and manufactured iron products.

Characteristics of the Tunstall

Compound steamship weighing 2,000 tons with a steel hull.

Built in 1885 by Short Bros, Pallion, No. 161.

Noticia del hundimiento del Tunstall en el periódio A Nação del 30/08/1885