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  1. Name: Skyro
  2. Type of vessel: merchant ship
  3. Flag: United Kingdom
  4. Date of sinking: 22 April 1891
  5. Cause: leak
  6. Location: Os Meixidos shallows, Muros.
  7. Diving level: very high
  8. GALP territory: Estuary of Muros-Noia


Dangerous dive at more than 50 metres to recover the cargo

One of the most dangerous points of all of the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) is between the estuaries of Corcubión and Muros. Os Meixidos shallows which, along its brethren Os Brullos and A Ximiela, spread out like a minefield at about 4 miles from the nearest coast. If under normal viewing conditions they are difficult to locate, in bad weather they are a nightmare for any sailor who ventures into this area.

Their danger has led to the loss of many ships and what is worse, countless lives have been lost among sailors and ships’ passengers who had the misfortune to venture into these dangerous waters. The sad record in loss of life is held by the Spanish passenger steamer Larache with the loss of 85 lives, among the 154 people it was carrying when it sank in the A Ximiela shallows on 23 June 1908.

However, the most important ship among all the shipwrecks in this area is the armoured cruiser of the Spanish Armada, Cardenal Cisneros,

which sunk after hitting A Ximiela shallows in 1905. Today it lies at a depth of about 50 metres.

A British steam ship called Skyro, loaded with a treasure trove of silver bullion, was also lost on these rocks in 1891. The value of the cargo meant that a risky rescue operation was carried out led by the Spanish diver Angel Erostarbe. This feat cost him much of his health although this was in exchange for a substantial reward. At more than 50 metres deep it was a record at the time and went down in history as one of the most successful salvage operations. The entire treasure was never recovered, at least officially.

Other shipwrecks in Os Meixidos

(✝ 1884) Brixham, British

(✝ 1889) Saint Mark, British

 (✝ 1893) Saint Paul, French

(✝ 1899) Winthorpe, English

(✝ 1900) Ter, Spanish

(✝ 1902) Villa de Noya, Spanish

(✝ 1905) Cardenal Cisneros, Spanish

(✝ 1908) Larache, Spanish

(✝ 1921) Cóndor, Spanish

(✝ 1927) José Ramón, Spanish

(✝ 1989) Baitin, Spanish