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  1. Name: Silva Gouveia
  2. Type of vessel: general cargo
  3. Flag: Portugal
  4. Date of sinking: 23 December 1927
  5. Cause: grounding
  6. Location: O Rostro beach (Finisterre)
  7. Diving level: basic
  8. GALP territory: Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)


The skeleton of the Portuguese steamship that emerges with storms

The Silva Gouveia was a triple-expansion, 149 NHP, 11-knot Portuguese steamship built in 1906 by Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. at Middlesbrough (874 GRT. 64.5 x 10.16 x 4.22 metres) with a steel hull. Previous owners had been Miller SS Co, Liverpool, as Monmouth Coast, 1914-1922. Powell F. H. & Co., Liverpool, as Faithful, 1906-1914.

It was covering the Hamburg to Porto route with a crew of 26 people when it ran aground and sank during a storm on the rocks of As Pardas, in front of O Rostro beach. Its engine was located aft.

In March 2014 and December 2020, just 93 years after its sinking, the harsh storms of those winters uncovered the skeleton of the Silvia Gouveia on the O Rostro beach in Finisterre, as reflected in the local press.

Characteristics of Silva Gouveia

Triple expansion steamship, 149 NHP, 11 knots manufactured by Richardsons, Westgarth & Co, Middlesbrough. 874 TRB. 64.5 x 10.16 x 4.22 m. Steel hull.

Built: 1906, Harkess W. & Sons Ltd., Middlesbrough.

Shipowner: Soc. Geral de Comércio, Industria e Transporte Ltda., Lisbon.