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Peter Robertson

  1. Name: Peter Robertson
  2. Type of vessel: merchant ship, grain carrier
  3. Flag: U.S.
  4. Date of sinking: 2 November 1969
  5. Cause: ran aground, leak
  6. Location: Bastiagueiro, Oleiros
  7. Diving level: basic
  8. GALP territory: Gulf of Artabro


Freshwater grain carrier sunk in the Atlantic Ocean

The Peter Robertson was a “laker”, a vessel designed for navigation on the Great Lakes of Canada and the United States (North America). It was being towed by the German Fair Play, together with the similar and also American Buckelle, to Santander for scrapping, when a leak forced her to enter the estuary of A Coruña for repairs. The Naval Command advised the ship to be beached, and it sank here definitively.

The Peter Robertson vessel was valued at about twelve million pesetas at the time. Salvage was attempted in which the German tugs Varius I and II and the large floating crane Magnus X participated.

Bad weather caused the ship to break in two, while the bow and stern sank three metres into the sand, so nothing could be done to recover it.

It was partially scrapped by the A Coruña company Manuel Santa Cruz Rojo, which began work in May 1970.


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