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  1. Name: María Adaro
  2. Type of vessel: merchant steamship
  3. Flag: Spain
  4. Date of sinking: 24 July 1933
  5. Cause: grounding
  6. Location: under A Moa, Cape Santo Hadrián (Malpica). To be located.
  7. Diving level:
  8. GALP territory: Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)
  9. Nivel de buceo:
  10. Territorio GALP: Costa da Morte


First shipwreck of shipowner Gumersindo Junquera in the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)

Two years before the shipwreck of the Gumersindo Junquera (20 May 1935), another freighter of the Asturian shipowner cut short its extensive service record in the waters of the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death).

The voyage of the María Adaro came to an end 42 years after its launch (1891), off the Sisargas Islands. It was carrying 3,000 tons of coal between Avilés and Valencia with 35 crew members under the command of Captain Riera (Delfín Menéndez).

The ship was sailing cautiously, but too close to land and ran aground due to fog at 8.00 p.m. on 24 July 1933, the eve of the patron saint of Galicia. No loss of life was reported as everyone managed to reach safety in the lifeboats.

The A Moa shallows are located “on land at Santo Hadrian point, south of the Sisargas Islands”, “very close to the coast and a cable from the Sisargas on the land side”.

Before the shipowner Junquera G. Marítima S.L., from Gijón, the owners of the María Adaro had been Hijos de J. Barreras under the name of Mercurio (1920-1928); Maclay & Mcintyre Ltd. – Glasgow United Shipping Co. – Glasgow Navigation Co, Glasgow, as Merannio (1905-1920); and Baxter H & Co, Hull, as Kendal (1891-1905).

Foto del María Adaro antes de su naufragio.