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  1. Name: Larache
  2. Type of vessel: cargo and passenger ship
  3. Flag: Spain
  4. Date of sinking: 23 June 1908
  5. Cause: grounding
  6. Location: A Ximiela, Os Meixidos shallows, Muros.
  7. Diving level:
  8. GALP territory: Estuary of Muros-Noia


Human tragedy in Muros after crossing the Atlantic

At the time of the collision against the ominous Os Meixidos shallows (estuary of Muros and Noia), the Larache had pilots on board and the day was clear. Captain Juan de Ibargaray Otazua was in command.

In addition to the general cargo (salt, kerosene, grease), it transported 154 people from Cadiz to Bilbao, including crew and passengers coming from the Plata line.

The Larache was launched as José Baro, for Soler L. & Co., 1872-1888, and was 70.2 m long and had 1250 TRB, and in 1874 was lengthened to its final characteristics.

Acquired by this company in 1888, the Larache was what was known as a feeder ship. In the Atlantic ports, It picked up or deposited passengers from the South American line who embarked or arrived in Cadiz on the great transatlantic mail ships. Several survivors were rescued by fishing boats from Muros and Porto do Son and accommodated in houses in both villages. There were a total of 85 casualties.

Characteristics of the Larache

Two-cylinder Compound type steamship, 1543 GRT, 83 x 9.8 m. Iron hull.

Built: 1872, T. R. Oswald Shipbuilding Co, Pallion, Sunderland, No. 125. Nationality: Barcelona, Compañía Trasatlántica Española.