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  1. Name: Filtric
  2. Type of vessel: merchant ship, general cargo
  3. Flag: Greece
  4. Date of sinking: 13 January 1970
  5. Cause: grounding
  6. Location: islet de Lobeira Pequena (Corcubión). Still to be located
  7. Diving level:
  8. GALP territory: Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)


Abandoned adrift by the crew

The Filtric was abandoned by its crew 12 miles south of Cape Finisterre after suffering a shift in cargo during difficult weather. The grain, which was being transported from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Alexandria (Egypt), and the ship ended up stranded on the islet of Lobeira Pequena (Corcubión).

The image shows the moment when the ship was abandoned by its 30 crew members, who were picked up by the Norwegian merchant ship Black Prince and the fishing vessel Lucita. At Lloyd’s they indicate Curra Point as the place of its beaching.

The 14-year-old cargo ship was launched as SS Baron Berwick for Hogarth Shipping (Glasgow) between 1956 – 1965.

Characteristics of the Filtric

Triple expansion steam and low pressure turbine, 3350 IHP. 7,541 TRB. 139.3 x 17.7 x 11.6 m. Steel hull.

Built: 1956, Readhead John & Sons Ltd., South Shields, No. 589.