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  1. Name: Cimarrón
  2. Type of vessel: fishing, trawler
  3. Flag: Spain
  4. Date of sinking: 17 April 1945
  5. Cause: leak, fog
  6. Location: in front of Mount San Pedro (A Coruña)
  7. Diving level: very high
  8. GALP territory: Gulf of Artabro


Fishing tragedy in front of Mount San Pedro

It was returning to A Coruña in dense fog, after fishing with 17 men on board when it crashed into some shallows on the outer side of the San Pedro islands, which opened up a leak. The crash was at the height of the coal storage area, which somewhat limited water intake. Despite the efforts of the crew, the progressive flooding could not be avoided. Only the documentation could be saved from the ship and the crew lost all their belongings.

The 17 crew members were able to reach safety in the lifeboats and were rescued by the fishing vessel Josefa Insua.


Built in 1911 in England by C.D. Holmes and Co. Hull, the fishing vessel Cimarrón was registered in Seville and based in A Coruña. The shipowners were Antonio Segret Iglesias and Pedro Ugidos.