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Blas de Lezo

  1. Name: Blas de Lezo
  2. Type of vessel: military, light cruiser
  3. Flag: Spain
  4. Date of sinking: 11 July 1932
  5. Cause: leak
  6. Location: channel between O Centolo and Cape Finisterre
  7. Diving level:
  8. GALP territory: Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)


Ill-fated military exercises

The Blas de Lezo cruiser was a military ship built in Ferrol by the Spanish Naval Construction Company in 1923. Powered by steam, it had 4,500 SHP and reached a cruising speed of 29 knots. Its steel hull had a length of over 140 metres and a beam of 14 metres. It had six 152 mm guns, four 47 mm guns and 12 torpedo tubes.

The ship was taking part in military exercises together with a flotilla of destroyers. Navigating through the channel between O Centolo and Cape Finisterre, the Blas de Lezo hit shallows not mapped next to the islet. It did not run aground and was trapped, but suffered a leak that would be lethal.

The Argos tried to tow the stricken cruiser, but before long it was necessary to come to the rescue of the 350 crew who saw how the Blas de Lezo sunk in the sea of ​​the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death).

Imagen del naufragio del Blas de Lezo en donde se lee: “El Blas de Lezo, hundiéndose, comienza a ser abandonado por su dotación, parte de la cual se ve formada en toldilla y en el castillo mientras un bote se aleja y otro se aproxima por su proa. Por babor, el Sánchez Barcáiztegui y por su proa, el su gemelo Méndez Núñez.”