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A Coruña Historical Archaeological Museum

St. Antón Castle (BIC)

The museum’s Sea Room houses the remains of a ship from the Invincible Armada located in a wreck at Cape Cee. The Invincible Armada was a maritime military expedition planned by King Philip II to dethrone Elizabeth I and invade England.

In 1589, just one year after the ships of the Invincible Armada landed in the port of A Coruña, A Coruña suffered the siege of the English fleet commanded by Francis Drake. The castle of St. Antón, the only bastion in the port, was not enough to stop the incursion and on the other side of the estuary the Santa Cruz was ordered to be built to reinforce the city’s defensive system, which was completed with the castles of San Diego and San Amaro, now disappeared, and other small batteries.

Another symbolic enclave. The Santa Cruz castle, located on the islet of the same name (Oleiros) today houses the Ceida, a reference centre in Galicia for the protection of nature and the environment. Have you even seen the sunset over the estuary of A Coruña from here?